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Pinewood Derby Coming up!

Pinewood220x220Pinewood derby is right around the corner April 18th. Here are a couple of updates:

  • We have moved the set-up and tuning that was planned for April 17th to April 18th
  • We have a potential conflict for location and may move the location. Details will be sent out if the location moves
  • We have adopted the District Rules for Pinewood Derby. This means that your scout will be following the rules in the build of their car to allow them to compete in the district. Details on the District Pinewood Derby can be found here and the Pack 793 Pinewood Derby Rules are posted in the resources and can be found here
  • There is a lot of great information on Pinewood Derby physics. This is one that you and your scouts may enjoy. Please note that your Pinewood Derby car must follow the Pack 793 rules. Your car must use 4 wheels and not be powered!

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