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Popcorn Prizes!

Published on October 29, 2015,

Your Scouts Prize Selection is Due November 2nd!

Popcorn Sales are over and the totals are in! Everyone did an AMAZING job this year!

Now the next steps are to pick your prize based on your total sales and let me know by November 2nd. If you lost your Prize sheet, you can find it HERE online.

Find your scouts total below. Your scout can pick one or more prizes that total up to your total below.

So as an example, Finnegan was a BIG seller with $1010. He can pick one of the prizes in Level 7 ($1000), or he may pick prizes from other levels that add up to his total. As an example, he could instead pick one item from Prize level 5 ($650) and one item from Prize level 3 ($350) for a total of $1000 in prizes.

Those scouts that sold over $600 will automatically receive a remote control car!

and EVERYONE that sold popcorn will be invited to a Pizza party in December (TBD) for the prize hand-out.

Thank you!

Brian Christenson (brian@the-christensons.com)

(Please check your totals below and let me know if you see any discrepancies!)

Popcorn Sales