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Camping Do’s and Don’ts

CampingCamp outs are usually the highlight of a Cub Scout year. Campouts are always fun occasions and the kids have a blast. We do fair weather, easy camping with cars not far from the tents. We try for great camp food, and a fun experience all round.

Camping dos:

  • Families are encouraged to attend. We incorporate siblings into our activities.
  • Always watch out for your kids and know where they are at all times. Enforce the Buddy System always (make sure your child is with a buddy – and knows where the buddy is – if he is not physically right there with you. They will need constant reminding).
  • Do a trial set-up of your tent before you are on the camping trip. Make sure it is complete and you know how to put it up.
  • Plan on it getting colder than you think (bring warmer sleeping bags than the forecast lows unless you are sure you know your sleeping bags).
    Always bring rain gear (Cub Scout camping is usually fair-weather camping but better safe than sorry)
  • Always have a change of clothes to sleep in. This is mainly to stop you getting cold due to moisture in the fabric, and also in case you have come into contact with poison ivy.
  • Always have a tarp to put under your tent. Make sure none of it sticks-out from the bottom of the tent or it will collect rain and make the inside of your tent wet.
  • Get your scout to do as much of the work in camping as possible (help putting up the tent, carrying stuff, etc).
  • Store food, candy, toothpaste in your car NOT your tent.
  • Air-out your tent, tarp, and sleeping bags as soon as you return home to allow condensation to dry-out (otherwise you get a musty smell that’s hard to shake).
  • Store your sleeping bag loose when you get home, not in its stuff-sack, or it will lose loft (loft gives it warmth).

Camping don’ts:

  • Never sleep in a tent with a child who is not your own. – BSA rules 
  • No alcohol anywhere, anyhow, anytime. – BSA rules
  • No smoking in sight of Cub Scouts.  – BSA rules
  • Never leave candy/chips or candy/chip wrappers or food of any kind in your tent or in clothes in your tent. Bears can smell it. Always store all such “smellables” in your closed car. This includes toothpaste, open Gatorade and other soda cans, etc. If in doubt leave it in your car.
  • Cub Scouts should not have knives in Tiger and Wolf ranks. Bears and higher ranks can only bring pocket knives if they have completed the “Whittling Chip” pocket knife achievement and if they also bring their Whittlin’ Chip card or badge. No knives with a blade longer than the width of a child’s palm. – BSA rules.
  • Avoid 100% cotton clothing. Cotton stays damp and makes you feel cold.
  • Leave behind Nintendo DSs, iPods, or other electronics / game systems. This is the boys’ opportunity to get away from all that. Besides, they could get damaged or lost.
  • No precious toys/ jewelry – could get damaged or lost.

Click for details of Whittling Chip – Knife Safety for Cub Scouts