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Cub Scout Uniform Badge Placement

Cub Scout uniform patch placement can be very confusing–especially for a new Cub Scout family. In this post, we’ll cover the basic Cub Scout patches and badges so that you can get your son’s uniform ready for his first Cub Scout meeting!


Left Sleeve

Let’s start with the left sleeve. At the very top along the shoulder seam, place your Council shoulder emblem. It is shown as “position 1″ on the diagram above.

Just below the Council shoulder emblem is where the small Veteran Unit Emblem is worn. The emblem reflects the years the Pack has been chartered. Pack 793 has been around since March 1st 1955 so we are using the 55 emblem. In 2015 we will upgrade to 60. 

Next, in “position 2″ above, is your pack number. Our pack number is 793.

“Position 3″ is where the Cub Scout badges of office are placed. Examples of the offices are Cubmasters, den leaders, committee members, etc. So, nothing would be placed on a youth Cub Scout’s uniform in position 3 on the left sleeve.

Right Sleeve

The American flag is sewn on right sleeve of the Cub Scout uniform. If you purchase your uniform new, the flag will be sewn on already. If your uniform is used, the flag may have been removed, but you can buy another one from your Council.

Directly below the American flag is your den number. In our pack, a Tiger den is given a number when it is formed and that number stays the same for that group of boys. For example, when my Webelos I was a Tiger, his den was numbered Den 4. He is still in Den 4.

The Den goes up to 6, so here’s the Chart:

Starting Tiger Year Den Number
2012 Den 5
2013 Den 6
2014 Den 1
2015 Den 2
2016 Den 3
2017 Den 4


Our pack’s most recently earned Journey to Excellence patch is worn below the den number on the right sleeve.



Left Pocket

If awarded, the World Crest is worn above the left pocket. It is centered between the left shoulder seam and the top of the left pocket.

The badges of rank go on the left pocket as shown in the image above. They are placed in this order:

Bobcat Badge – 12:00 Position
Tiger Badge – 6:00 Position
Wolf Badge – 9:00 Position
Bear Badge – 3:00 Position

The Gold Arrow Points earned by Wolves and Bears go below the pocket underneath the rank badge for which they were earned. The Silver Arrow Points for each rank are worn in double columns below the Gold Arrow Points.

Right Pocket

The Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award patch is worn on the right pocket flap. Pins earned for the Summertime Pack Award are pinned onto the Outdoor Activity Award patch.

Temporary patches can be worn on the right pocket. These include patches earned for participating in an activity or for completing an achievement. Only one temporary patch can be worn at a time. Watch for an article soon with some ideas on what to do with those temporary patches when you put a new one on your son’s uniform.

If your son earns the Recruiter patch, it is worn directly below the right pocket.

Belt Loops and Pins

Belt loops are worn hooked over the Cub Scout belt. Some scouts have earned many belt loops–almost to the point of dragging their pants down! So, your scout may just want to pick out a handful of his favorite belt loops and only wears those.

Officially, pins are not worn on the uniform at all. 

So that should get you going. If you ever have a question, please feel free to check with your den leader.