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 What is the Cub Scouts?

Cub Scouts (and Pack 793) is a scouting organization for kids in first grade through fifth grade, led by parent volunteers. The scouts get to learn things while having fun and going to some interesting places. Some of our outings last year included Ice Caves, Seattle Thunderbirds Hockey games, ice skating, bowling, and “camping.” At some of our pack meetings, the scouts get to carve pumpkins, create holiday decorations and hear local Indian stores at the Duwammish Tribe Long House.

How does it work?

The scouts are organized by “dens” according to their grade in school. First graders are Tiger scouts. Second graders are Wolf scouts. Third graders are Bear scouts. Fourth graders are in the Webelos I den, and fifth graders are in Webelos II. Each den has a den leader who is a parent of one of the scouts in the den. (Most dens also have an assistant den leader.) Each den typically meets once or twice each month during the school year. Most of our den meetings are at Holy Rosary School. In the den meetings, the scouts work on various achievements in order to earn the badge for their rank. First graders, for example, will work on the achievements needed to earn their Tiger badge. The requirements for each den/badge are listed on our website, under “Dens”.

Our five dens combined comprise the “pack”. Our pack is Pack 793. The pack meets once per month, usually on Thursday nights, in the Holy Rosary Hall. At the pack meetings, we give out advancement awards, make announcements, and have various activities or guest speakers.

My son wasn’t in the Cub Scouts last year.

Scouts in first through fifth grade can join the scouts at any time. A new scout in the fourth grade, for example, does not need to earn his Tiger, Wolf, or Bear badge. (However, all scouts, regardless of grade, must earn their Bobcat badge, which covers the basics of being a cub scout.)

But my son is too busy!

As fellow parents of Holy Rosary kids, the Pack 793 adult leaders recognize that our kids have a lot of activities. Pack 793 is much less strict than packs in other areas about attendance at events and meetings. As a matter of fact, we try to plan a lot of events so that all busy scouts will have a chance to participate in at least some of the events.

How much does it cost?

Fees for the year are $75 per scout. We also do a popcorn fund raiser in the fall to help pay for our activities and we have a minimum sales goal for each of the scouts. Throughout the year, you may be asked to contribute some money for certain activities if your son participates.