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Popcorn Update 9/16


  • Popcorn will be arriving this Thursday and ready for Pick-up on Saturday and Sunday. Pick-up days and times are being determined. The pick-up location will be a home just one block north of Holy Rosary School.
  • The popcorn pick-up is for Show and Sell. We will be using this popcorn for site sales, but you and your scout can come by and pick-up a variety of popcorn for you to take with you on your personal sales door to door. It’s hard to say “no” to a scout in uniform with a wagon full of popcorn!!
  • Please work with your scouts on their selling techniques. Here are a few questions the scouts should be ready to answer. Most answers are on the order form so please work with them in advance. This gives them confidence in their selling if they know the answers.
    • What is NEW this year? Chocolatey Carmel Crunch! YUM!
    • Who is your sponsoring organization? Holy Rosary Church
    • How many packages in the the Microwave popcorn? 18 individual packages (not sold individually)
    • What is your favorite? <Insert Scouts favorite>
    • How much of the money goes to the Scouting organization? Over 70% of the sales
    • How much money does your Pack get? About 35% of the sales
    • How does your Pack use the money? Fund Camping, Pinewood Derby, Pumpkin Carving, etc…
    • Do I have to Pay now? This is up to you. Sometimes it is easier to get an order if payment comes later.
    • When do I get the popcorn? We will fulfill most orders with this first shipment

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!

Brian “Popcorn Kernel”

Welcome New Scouts!

TigersSchool and Scouting has started!

(Tiger Parent Primer) 

At this time of year there are so many things going on it is important to let the new scouts and parents know what is happening and when. Here are some key points for the Tiger Parents.

  1. The first Tiger Den meeting is Wednesday September 17th at 7 PM in the Holy Rosary School Hall. This is the first meeting for the Tigers, so if you feel like you have missed a meeting, don’t worry, you have not. New Tiger scouts should come with their new Class A Uniform, their Tiger Handbook and a parent! Tigers will meet twice a month for a Den meeting and a GO SEE IT activity. The Den meetings are booked and on the Pack Calendar. The GO SEE ITs are planned as part of the Den and will vary based on Den availability and location. The Complete Pack (all dens) also meet once a month for a Pack Meeting. These are also on the Pack Calendar.
  2. Our Fall Pack Campout is this weekend. This is a fun activity but is not a mandatory event. Please RSVP and come if you can. This is open to the whole family. Please bring the Class A uniform if you have one and the patches/badges. The Pack will work with you on the placement of the badges and patches! Please take a moment to review the Pack 793 Camping Checklist of items that you should bring. 
  3. The Pack 793 Guide for New Families has been added to the Resource section of the website. This Guide provides an overview of the Pack and how we operate. This should answer many of your questions. Please reach out to any of the Pack 793 leaders if you have any questions that are not addressed by the Guide. Since this guide is new this year, we will continue to update it with your feedback.
  4. WE HAVE A TIGER LEADER! Greg Chastain will be wearing the Tiger Leader uniform for the new Tigers! Actually we have 3 great Dads that have offered to help lead the Tiger Den which will be very important for these new scouts.

We look forward to seeing you at the Camp Out if you can attend, otherwise we will see all the new Tigers on Wednesday September 17th!

Called to Protect Class September 16th


We have been alerted that there may still be room left for the Called to Protect Class at Holy Rosary next Tuesday. This class is required by the Seattle Archdiocese for anyone volunteering with kids. All Pack 793 leaders have gone through the training and we highly encourage all parents to attend. This class is usually not offered at Holy Rosary, so this is a great opportunity to take it close to home. Below is the detail taken from the Archdiocese of Seattle website and the link to register is below. 


Class Name: Called to Protect for Ministries

Start Date: 09/16/2014 06:30:00 PM

Room: School Hall

Description: This three-hour training is designed to teach participants how to recognize the signs of abuse, how to respond to suspected abuse and how to keep our ministries, programs and schools safe. Required for clergy, employees and volunteers with ongoing unsupervised contact with minors and vulnerable adults. Recommended for all volunteers.

Parish: Holy Rosary School – Seattle

4142 42nd Ave SW

Seattle, WA

Fall 2014 Camp Out


Where: Camp Freeman (located at Camp Edwards, Formerly Camp Brinkley)

25600-B Monroe Log Camp Rd, Snohomish, WA 98290

Who: Everyone! Old scouts, new scouts, family and siblings. Please no pets!

When: Friday 9/12th @ 5 PM check-in to Sunday 9/15 noon 


  • Friday Night we have a casual evening as families arrive
  • Camping: Bring your tent, sleeping bag and overnight essentials
  • Polar Bear dive: Bring your trunks and a towel!
  • Skits: Bring jokes, stories and a positive attitude
  • Movie Night!


POPCORN Sales have Started!



We’ve added in the links in the Pack Site Menu for Popcorn Tips, Training Videos and Site Sale sign-ups. At our kick-off we stated that we have an ambitious goal to ensure we are funding our complete year with just this one fundraiser.

You and your scouts should now be going through your neighborhood pre-selling the popcorn using the Popcorn order form. Please contact Brian if you need one. You should also be signing up for online sales. This is such a great way to have your friends and family outside of Seattle support your scout. The online site sends out emails, handles the payment and processing of orders.

We will be getting our first delivery of popcorn on September 18th. We will use this popcorn to fulfill your orders and for site sales. More site sales will be added in as stores become available.

We will continue to fulfill your orders until when we end the popcorn sales on October 19th. Any popcorn due to customers that we do not have on hand will be ordered and the last and final delivery will come November 7th.


Here’s to a wonderful Popcorn Sale!

2014 Kickoff!



AUGUST 26th 7:30 PM to 9 PM

BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR (BYOC), We’ll Bring the Popcorn!


Holy Rosary School lower parking lot just north of Lanigan Gym. Please use the Upper Parking lot to park your vehicles.


  1. Welcome to New Scouts
  2. Update on the Fall Campout
  3. Popcorn Kick-Off!
  4. Movie “Up”

Returning Scout Parents:

Bring your chairs and a blanket or two and the rest of the family for a fun evening outside with a Pack Movie and popcorn. If the weather does not permit, we will head into Lanigan Gym. Have your scouts wear their Class B uniforms. 

New Pack 793 Families:

This event is the kick-off to the year. There will be a lot of information shared, but we will use the time while your kids are enjoying the movie to walk through the scouting program and answer any questions you might have. We will have registration forms on hand to fill out and extra Class B uniforms for the kids that are just joining for the first time. 

See you there!!

Join Us for the Community Meal August 24th

community meal

The Cub Scouts of Pack 793 will be hosting the Our Lady of Guadalupe Community Meal on August 24th 1PM to 3:30 PM. We will be cooking and serving to about 100 people!

The community meal is a monthly ,free sit-down meal held at OLG in the Parish Life Center/Gymnasium. Everyone in the community is invited to attend. It is conducted ‘restaurant style’ where the guests are served at their tables. The goal is to provide a hot meal once a month for those in our community, in particular for those who may not regularly have a hot meal. Inviting the whole community provides a way for all of us to share a meal and conversation together. OLG receives additional volunteers from other West Seattle churches and service groups (youth and adult).

Please remember to wear your uniforms and bring your manners!

West Seattle Parade on Saturday

Scout ParadeHey Pack 793,
Get ready for another FABULOUS parade this Saturday! We will meet on California and Lander at 10:15 AM. The parade starts at 11 AM. We will not have the flatbed truck this year, but will make do with other means to create a fun event! We will also have other Packs joining us so please ensure your scouts make a special point to include the other scouts in all the fun!

Our theme for the Parade is:

“This is what makes Cub Scouting FUN!”

We need everyone to work together to create the excitement we have around scouting, from start to finish! We have jobs for everyone, however if your scout would like to bring their bike or cub mobile, please ensure they bring a helmet!

What the Pack will bring:

  • Candy
  • Water
  • Pack 793 Banner
  • Fliers to hand out to kids
  • Pneumatic rocket launcher like last year
  • Prizes for the kids that launch a rocket!
  • Camping Float with Tent and camp fire
  • Klondike Sled
  • Music
    • “Everything is Awesome”
    • “Life is a Highway”
    • “Best Day of My Life”
What the Scouts need to help with during the parade:

  • Handing out candy
  • Handing out fliers
  • Carrying the banner in the front of the parade
  • Helping with the rocket launcher
  • Singing! These are songs the kids know, so it should be fun!
  • Rapping: If you have an outgoing scout, have them memorize the Rap portion of “Everything is Awesome” for a SOLO performance! <HERE>
What the Parents can help with during the parade:

  • Ensuring the scouts are staying hydrated
  • Helping with the rocket launcher
  • Helping to pull the Camping Float
  • Helping with the portioning of Candy handouts
  • Ensuring the scouts are acting in an orderly manner

Please make sure your scouts are in full Class A uniform and ready for a fun time!
See you Saturday!

Get Ready for Father John’s Celebration

Father John
Hi Scout Leaders and Parents
I hope you’re all enjoying the summer so far!
I’ve been asked to see about recruiting volunteers to help with Fr John’s 40th anniversary party for this weekend. Help is needed on Friday night with set-up, and pretty much at all times on Sunday. Remember that the party will be in Lanigan Gym. If you’re able to help (or know of others who can help), please contact Virginia Radel ( who is coordinating a lot of the efforts!


Cub Scout Camping Reminder


This is a reminder that you have many different options for Cub Scout Camps this summer. The day camp below for Aquila is the only camp that is specific for our district. The other camps have many days available and are first come first served.

Resident Camps


Camp Brinkley is now Camp Edward! Cub Resident Camp is a fun experience for Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scouts along with their leaders and/or parents. While immersed in adventures of the wild, Cub Scouts take part in activities such as archery, BB guns, nature hikes, crafts, swimming, and boating. Webelos can earn activity pins, and Wolf and Bear Cubs can also complete advancement requirements.

Registration for 2014 Cub Resident Camp is now open!

2014 Cub Resident Camp Registration Flyer

2014 Family Camp

New this year, we are offering a camp experience for Cub Scouts and their family members!  Enjoy a relaxed couple of days camping out and particpating in a number of fun, optional family-oriented activities.  Meals and tents provided. This is a great option for the next Tiger Cub’s.

2014 Family Camp Registration Flyer

2014 Day Camps

Join us for a jam packed week filled with games, crafts, range sports, cooking and more as we journey around the world! Cub Scout Day Camp brings to life an educational, inspirational and fun program for Tigers, Cub Scouts, and Webelos. A Scout professional and certified volunteer camp director supervisea staff of dedicated volunteers. The camp program is carefully designed by a committee of experienced camp leaders and guided by parents’ suggestions. Getting involved is the best way to be part of the FUN, so let’s get ready for the trip of a lifetime!


2014 Youth Registration Form

2014 Adult Registration Form

2014 Payment Worksheet

2014 Campership Form


Week of July 21st-July 25th

Aquila: Camp Shoenwald (Burien); Day; July 22-25

Camp Director – Tadia Schroeder:


Do I need to attend with my Tiger?

Yes. Every Tiger must be accompanied by an adult partner for the duration of camp.

Do I need to attend with my son?

Cub Day Camp only runs with the effort of many volunteer helpers. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend with their children, and each pack must send a minimum number of adults each day.

Do I have to pay when I register?

Yes, every registration must be accompanied by payment.

Are scholarships available?
Yes, scholarships for half the registration fee are available upon request by completing the campership application.

Why do I have to submit a health form AND a roster?
Every health form must be attached to a roster so that we can track payments and total registrations.

Where can I get more information?
Contact your local camp director or visit our website at



CAMP TIMES: Each camp sets its own hours of operation.
Check with the camp director.  Please extra time on the first day for check-in.

FEES: 8 weeks prior to camp or earlier: Tigers, Cub, & Webelos, $75

Less than 8 weeks until camp: Tigers, Cub, & Webelos $100

Adult Den Guides (Walkers) and Staff, No Charge

Den Chiefs (Boy Scouts), No Charge

Camperships for up to 50% of fees are available for those in need.

 SUPERVISION & MEDICAL: The Boy Scouts of America requires a minimum of two adults on    all trips and outings (two deep leadership). All participants, youth and adults must complete the “Registration and Health History” form. Submit these forms along with your pack’s fee payment.

ORIENTATION: Each session will offer day camp orientation and training which is required for all adults attending camp.

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