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Scout Sunday February 9th!


On February 9th, Pack 793 will be celebrating Scout Sunday by participating in the 9:30 mass as well as hosting donuts and coffee after the three morning masses; 8 AM, 9:30 AM and 11 AM. Below are the assignments for Sunday. If you are not able to participate at your den’s time slot, please work with your den leader to ensure that the den has coverage and try and find another time slot.
CLASS A Uniforms required

9:30 Mass Participation

Greeters: Tigers – Web II
Ushers: Wolves, Web I, Bears
Gift Bearers: Baptism Family

Coffee and Donuts Assignment (serving, stocking and cleaning up)

8:00 AM: WEB II and Tigers (8:30 AM – 10 AM)
9:30 AM: WEB I and Bears (10 AM – 11:30 AM)
11:00 AM: Wolves (11:30 AM – 1  PM)

Save the Date – Scouting for Food 2014


History of Scouting for Food

Between 1983 and 1985, the average number of households seeking emergency food increased by almost 40%. 70% of those seeking help were families with children. Seeing the need, Scouting for Food was born. The first year of collection, 1988, involved 1 million Scouts nationwide collecting 65 million cans of nonperishable food. As the National Good Turn from 1988-1991, Scouting for Food resulted in the largest collection and donation of foodstuffs ever experienced in the United States.

Why March?
Years ago, Scouting leaders approached food banks to ask when help was most needed. It was discovered that March, in between the more traditional food drive times of Christmas and Easter, is when food banks are at their lowest levels.

Studies indicate that more than 17.6 million American households go hungry at some time every month; these studies also reveal that there are more hungry people in American now than at any time in the last twenty-five years.

Prolonged hunger causes more than just discomfort. Malnutrition can lead to permanent tissue damage and leaves its sufferers-particularly children and he elderly – susceptible to illness and infection.

What is the Answer?
Hunger is a problem we can do something about by working together. Scouting for Food is a starting point. It is an example of our long-standing commitment to community service. Thorough this project the BSA directly helps meet the needs of the hungry, while exposing its members, particularly youth, to the highest ideals of the Scouting movement through a practical and dramatic experience in the principle of the Good Turn.

Our Role
The BSA’s role is to organize the food collection and make arrangements with established community distribution agencies that will warehouse and distribute the food to the need at no cost. The emphasis is on nonperishable food most need for nutrition, such as peanut butter, baby formula, complete packaged meals, and such canned goods as tuna, chunky soups, stews, meats, fruits and vegetables.

Uniform Inspections

Uniform Inspection Help

Uniform Inspection

Pack 793 celebrates Scoutings Anniversary Week in February with a “birthday party” called the blue and gold banquet. The blue and gold banquet is the highlight of the year. It brings families together for an evening of fun and cheer. This year it is our pack meeting for February.

To make this event special, we want to make sure all the scouts have all their patches in the right places. To help you and your scouts with the placements, the Pack 793 leadership will be doing a uniform quick assessment during the January Pack meeting on Jan 22nd. We will provide you details with any patches you may be missing or need to adjust. We will also have extra patches on hand that you may need.

Please have your scout attend the January Pack meeting in their Class A uniform for inspection. Remember that the uniform includes the shirt, hat, neckerchief, slider and belt.

2014 Aquila Klondike Derby



The 2014 Aquila Klondike Derby is right around the corner on February 1st!

All Boy Scouts and Webelos are invited to re-enact the historic trek to the Klondike. Scouts will pull homemade sleds from Skagway to Dawson; en route they will encounter problems that require basic Scout skills to overcome. This is for Boy Scouts and Webelos, however all cub scouts are welcome to watch the event!

Station 1 – CARMACKS: Saw logs to make a raft so you can float down the Yukon

River. Two man crosscut saw and log furnished. All team members take part.

Station 2 – PELLING CROSSING: Time out for lunch. You will be asked to build a fire and/or cook some food. All supplies will be furnished.

Station 3 – WHITE HORSE: While sledding through a narrow canyon, a large chunk of frozen snow falls down and hits the sled driver ahead of you, knocking him to the ground. When checking him over you find he has a broken left leg above the knee. Ouch! With materials you have, show and tell the judge the first aid treatment you would use

Station 4 – WHITE HORSE: Scouts must be prepared to tie knots. Can your team tie all the knots as shown in the sketch?

Station 5 – WHITE HORSE: Your team disturbs a hibernating bear and he starts coming your way. How fast can you run on snowshoes? Four team members take part in a four man relay race. Snowshoes furnished.

Station 6 – STEWART’S CROSSING: Race the last leg to Dawson and the gold fields. The sled must look like the sketch and be able to carry a team member. The Driver may push and the rest of the team will pull using ropes. No restrictions on material or weight. Teams race over a figure eight course. Passenger and driver must trade places with pullers at halfway point.

THE GREAT KLONDIKE RACE: Who will get to the gold fields first? Top ten scout finishers in the Stewart’s Crossing race will compete in a straight line dash for the Klondike Derby Traveling Trophy. Webelos will race separately for the Webelos Traveling trophy.

Download the details about the sled race and everything else Klondike.
Contact : Pat Heidal, Klondike Coordinator, at (206) 427-1256 or

Pack Meeting Jan 22nd – Marbles Tournament


Pack 793 Marbles Tournament Jan 22nd

The marbles, mats and everything needed will be provided. Bring your Class A uniform and and a great attitude to have an enjoyable time. We will be providing some lessons at the start and during the competition for those scouts that need some assistance.

This Pack tournament is to get ready for the District tournament February 15th. The District Tournament is open to all. The cost for the district tournament is $5 per scout before February 5th and $10 the day of the event. More details to follow on the District event.

Pack Meeting Location Moved!


The Pack Meeting this Wednesday has moved back to the Holy Rosary School Hall and adjusted to a 7 PM start. We are sorry to those looking forward to the Indian stories however we will look for a way to incorporate it back into the schedule. This Wednesday has a very full agenda!

Bowling Update from Ty


Saturday was our Aquila District Bowling Tournament and a good time was had by all. We had about 70 scouts of all ranks participate from eight different Packs. The competition was fierce but friendly. Several scouts from our own Pack 793 went home with trophies. In the morning session, Nolan Ward (Tiger) and Giorvi Merca (Web II) placed third, Daniel Thomas (Wolf) placed second, and Connor Merz (Web II) and Giorgio Merca (Wolf) took home a first place trophy! The afternoon session featured only three scouts from our pack yet Aiden Ward (Web II) was able to come home with the first place trophy! A good job from everybody. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!


Pack Committee Meeting 11/13 at 7 PM Holy Rosary Parish Center

Pack CommitteePack 793 Family and Friends,

Two years ago when my wife signed my son up to join Pack 793 as a Tiger, I was intrigued. She and I didn’t talk about it that much before signing him up. Now I had good memories of my one year as a Cub Scout when I was my sons age, however I wasn’t really sure what role I would play as a parent. Of course in the back of my mind, I was thinking this would be like any other activity where the parents are present, but there is some  leader taking care of everything. Is scouting like a sports team?

So when I received an email inviting me to a parent Pack 793 committee meeting, I reached out to a good friend who had a son in scouting and asked if he’d like to join me at the meeting. He immediately said “No! They’ll just sucker you into helping!

Hmm… am I a sucker?

I’ve always been one to believe that I can assess my availability and capabilities and make a determination on whether I can help or not. So I went to the meeting.

Now two years later as a leader in the Pack, at no point have I ever felt like I was suckered in. I’ve had some of the most fulfilling and rewarding times with my son and the other scouts and parents in Pack 793 than I have had in any other area of my life. Actually in some ways I would say that I’ve pushed the pack to grow. And it has always been with the encouragement and participation of you, the fabulous parents of Pack 793.  When asked, to help serve the scouts, you have stepped up. When asked to sell a bit more popcorn, you have done it. When asked to wear a funny hat and entertain the kids, you have done it with a smile.

So as a leader in Pack 793, I can honestly say we will not ask for more than you can give.

Next week we will be having our first Pack Committee meeting for the year. This meeting is a group of Den leaders, Cubmaster, Treasurer, Pack Committee Chairperson, Secretary, Advancement Chair, and a few other leaders. The purpose of the meeting is to review the recharter of the Pack, the years activities, the finances of the pack, community services we will plan and yes, open positions on the Pack Committee.

Ok, we do have a few open positions that we would like to fill, and we will be discussing them at this meeting. Most of the positions are second or third hats that the leaders are already wearing. And many of the positions are so small, it is easy to continue to wear them.

However, I do not want the open positions and the discussion of those positions to prevent you from attending the Pack Committee. As parents of  Pack 793 scouts, we need to hear from you on how we are doing and what we can change. And even if you want to just come and listen, that is highly encouraged.

So I encourage you to join us next Wednesday, 11/13 at the Holy Rosary Parish from 7 PM to 9 PM on. This Pack is run by Scout Leaders and Scout Parents, we have no need for suckers! Hope to see you there!

Best Regards,

Brian Christenson

Pack Committee Chairperson for Pack 793

New Tiger Leader

Patrick M

We are excited that Patrick Murphy has taken on the role of Tiger Leader for our incoming Tigers this year!

Patrick will be flexing his leadership muscles with the help of the other Pack leaders at our first Tiger Den meeting on

Monday October 21st, 7PM at Holy Rosary School Hall

For all the kids that have signed up as Tigers or are considering joining, this is the event to be at! Please wear your uniform if you have it!

The new Tigers will be welcomed into the Pack with an Arrow of Light ceremony which is always fun!

Pack Meeting October 23rd


We’ll bring the Pumpkins and you bring your carving utensils and creativity!

We’ll have a HOWL of a great time!


Wednesday, October 23rd 7PM Holy Rosary School Hall

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