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POPCORN Site Sales Info


Current Sign-up Sheets

No sheets available at this time.

What to bring:

  • Your scout in Class A (standard) uniform with hair combed, teeth brushed and ready to sell
  • Your scouts order form. All sales will be split evenly between the scouts working your sign-up time at the end of the shift.
  • A GREAT ATTITUDE!popcorn

What will be there:

  • Table with banner
  • Extra sell sheets for scouts
  • Site Sale form for parents
  • Seed money for making change
  • Receptacle for Military donations

Scouts Role:

Remember when at a Storefront selling popcorn you and your Scouts are the face of Scouting. First Impressions are the ones people remember.

  • GREET customers when entering the store
  • SELL popcorn as they leave!
  • If no sale, ask for military donation
  • Respect the property
  • Practice LEAVE NO TRACE – Pack out all trash and empty boxes

Parents Role:

  • Remind the scouts of their role, but let them be front and center for the selling
  • Help the scouts out with making change as needed
  • Fill out the Site Sale form at end of shift
  • Bring home any trash or empty boxes – Please do not use the QFC trash bins!