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Popcorn Tips!

Popcorn Sale

Here are some tips to make this the best year ever!

1. Safety first!
Scouts should sell only when accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Scouts should never enter a stranger’s home when selling popcorn.

2. What is the goal?

The goal is to sell enough popcorn to fund the complete year. The registration fee that cover the basics is $75/scout/year. The total cost of the program is about $140 more per scout/year. We anticipate that we will need to raise $18,400 for the year. Since we receive 35% of all popcorn sales, we are asking scouts to sell $400.

3. When are orders due to Pack 793?

Orders are due to your Den Leaders with all necessary monies on or before Sunday, October 19th. Preferably well before!

4. When should we collect the money?

The money is due to the pack when the order is received.  You can collect up front and mark the box on the form, or wait until the popcorn is received. You may turn in orders to your Den Leader any time they permit.  In fact, turning in orders early will allow for early processing and the inevitable processing of bad checks.  This is not required, though, just a suggestion.

5. When will we be able to deliver the popcorn?
We fulfill all orders as best as possible from the first order we receive September 18th. However orders that cannot be fulfilled with the first shipment will arrive November 7th.

6. Where will we get the popcorn?
Orders will be fulfilled at the Popcorn Kernels house just one block north of Holy Rosary. Dates and times will be sent out.

7. What are the awards my scout will earn?
There are three tiers of prizes:

  1. Trails-End provides the prizes identified in the prize sheet included with the order form.
  2. The Seattle Boy Scouts of America provides the following:
    1. a Stomp Launcher for every scout that sells $600
    2. A Mariners ticket for every scout that fills an order form
    3. Weekly drawings for scouts that submit a filled order form
    4. A special event for scouts that sell over $1500
  3. Pack 793 provides the following:
    1. Popcorn Pie in the face of any leader if you sell over $600
    2. Prizes for the top sellers

8. Who is supposed to sell the popcorn?
All scouts in Pack 793 from Tigers to Webelos II should participate in the popcorn sale.  Selling promotes many positive traits and skills, from exercise to learning how to communicate to counting money.  Please involve your scout as much as possible.

9.  Where should checks be written?
Write checks to ‘BSA Pack 793′.

10. Shy scout?  Need tips?

Trail’s End, the company that provides our popcorn, provides many helpful tips on their website.  Take a look HERE

11. How do I sell online?
Scouts can setup an online account HERE.  If you need help, you can contact the Popcorn Kernel.  The unit type is ‘Pack’ and our unit number is ’0793′. Remember that you should send an email out to friends and family letting them know about online sales. The website handles all the payment and processing for you!

12.  Who can I contact for more information?

The Popcorn Kernel for Pack 793 is Brian Christenson.  He can be reached at brian@the-christensons.com or 935-9758.  All questions received will be responded to.  If you are not receiving a return phone call with 48 hours, it is possible the return phone number was not understood clearly, so please try to make contact again.

For more information about our pack and scouting, visit our Pack 793 website at http://pack793.com

Brian Christenson
“Popcorn Kernel”